General Practitioners And Family Physicians Essay

General Practitioners And Family Physicians Essay

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"General Practitioners and Family Physicians." Government of Canada, Employment and Social Development Canada. Government of Canada. Web. 27 Jan. 2016. .
The "general practitioners and family physicians" article gives a job description and requirements that you need to fulfill in order to become a physician. The article specifics bachelors, graduation from an approved medical school, and two to three years of residency required in order to be a fully licensed physician. Moreover, there has to be a competition of the exam made the medical council of Canada in order to open a medical clinic. This article enlightened me on the important requirements that need to be fulfilled to acquire my dream job. This article good starting, as it provided me with some background information that I can use in my essay. I can use this information to talk about the challenges i will face while trying to pass/fulfill each of these requirements.
Healthcare Providers in Canada. London: MarketLine, 2014. Pdf.
This PDF document was an industry report on the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in Canada. The MarketLine report states that government continues to increase medical expenditures. Recently, the healthcare industry has grown by 5.2%, and as of 2014, the entire industry is worth about $ 159 billion. The healthcare industry in Canada continues to grow at a steady rate due to the population is aging. As a result, there is an expected increase in the number of jobs in the near future. Moreover, the Canadian government has promised to increase amount of spending even more because it wants to focus on prevention. Thus, the value of the industry is expected to rise from $159 billion. I can use these important statistics in my essay as they in...

... middle of paper ... of the most informative sources I came across during my research. The website includes the process of applying to medical school, potential research opportunities, and ways to finically plan for medical school. In order to become a physician one must have an MD from a certified school by the Canadian government. This source broke down the requirements (academic and extracurricular activities) needed to be considered for the medical school. The mean GPA of 3.6 is required to apply and in 2014, the mean GPA of the successful applicants was 3.85. The website was a great tool as it cleared the requirements for medical school. Moreover, the information allowed me to think about the challenges ahead of me as getting in to med school in Canada is extremely difficult. The degree of difficulty and the challenges I will face is something I can reflect when writing my essay

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