The General Population During The 1960 ' S Essay

The General Population During The 1960 ' S Essay

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In the 1960’s, the general population experienced a massive shift in the way they reacted to advertisements. Society no longer wanted to be addressed as a mass and this resistance brought a sense of individualism and non-conformism. In reaction to this resistance, advertisers moved away from the concept of one large consumer mass and decided that in order to properly appeal to the consumer, they would have to segment the market. Starting in the late 1960’s, advertisers shifted their focus from a personal format to a lifestyle format, by using social context, by focusing on consumption, and by fully utilizing the advent of the television, in order to properly respond to the new cultural desire for identity and distinction.
The biggest change made to advertising during this time period, was the increase of research being done about the audiences. During the 1960’s, social activism was at a peak and society was rejecting the idea of being represented by the stereotypical white male. This triggered a shift away from making ads that fit just one mold, and led to demographic research which would allow products to become a sign of belonging towards a particular group or demographic. Rather representing the masses with a heterosexual white male, advertisers needed to take into account age, sex, race, and sexuality. In order to do this, it became necessary to frame the products in a social context. This allowed the products to obtain a sort of relevance, that consumers found incredibly appealing. It also proved to have to have two effects that companies could use to their advantage. The first effect allowed the companies to frame the product in positive social context, suggesting that purchasing this product would somehow make your life b...

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...cause “we all have room for self-improvement and self-expression whatever our age or class origins” (95).
As time went on, consumers became more aware of the way at which they were being targeted. Through the advent of the Internet and social media, consumers were allowed an instant insight into the variety of advertising techniques being used throughout the market. Throughout the 1980’s demassification increased and the market was only further segmented. A key difference, however, became that there was a focus on creativity and uniqueness, due the rise in the consumer’s self-awareness. The 1960’s however can be seen as a major turning point in the way audiences wanted to be addressed, and by adapting and focusing more on a lifestyle format, companies successfully catered to the consumers’ desires and in turn created incredibly successful and profitable advisements.

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