General Perspective Of Army Physical Readiness Training Essay

General Perspective Of Army Physical Readiness Training Essay

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One of the Army leader’s roles is to plan, assess, and prepare execution of daily training. The training that is carried out is based on tasks, conditions and standards. The Army training prepares Soldiers to always fight to the optimum level of operations. In fact, some of the crucial issues include versatile, lethal, agile, and survivable force. The mission is always challenging but Physical Readiness Training, or PRT, prepare the Soldiers to fulfil the mission regardless of the constraints of an operational environment. To achieve victory, Soldiers depend on their coordination, resiliency, strength, stamina, as well as agility to fight and win. The operation and fighting ground requires the best physical conditioning (Headquarters Department of the Army, 2012). In general perspective, Army Physical Readiness Training is accomplished in various chapters, which include approach, system, leadership, types of program, planning considerations, execution of training, preparation and recovery, strength and mobility activities, as well as endurance and mobility activities.
Physical readiness refers to the ability to meet the various physical demands of duty position, accomplish of the mission, fight, and ultimately win. Physical readiness presents a crucial opportunity for technical and tactical competence. The PRT programs should be in-line with AR 350-1 requirements. PRT is a mandatory training requirement for all personnel in the Army, Nation Guard, and Army reserve components unless otherwise stated. The FM provides leaders and Soldiers with doctrine of Army Physical Preparedness Training (Headquarters Department of the Army, 2012). The FM affects the army through continuation of security and strength.

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... time to put effort in to the new program, it is necessary to follow the guidelines. Although the leaders that are following the rules and regulation in the new Field Manual (FM) 7-22 are seeing that PRT, when performed correctly, is physically harder. It is a little easier in the beginning but as you move through the program you will start to realize that PRT is not just about the Army Physical Fitness Test. When correctly executed, Physical Readiness Program instructs and prepares the Soldiers on how to perform their warrior tasks and battle drills resulting to have better, physically fit and stronger Soldiers with a lot lesser risk for injuries. The Army needs to enforce the PRT program in every unit across the branch and leave the leaders that do not agree with the new APRT without any standing choice, but to conduct and obey as it is outlined in Army Regulation.

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