Essay on General Motors Process Improvement With Six Sigma

Essay on General Motors Process Improvement With Six Sigma

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General Motors Process Improvement with Six Sigma Approach
Analysis of the process using the DMAIC Six Sigma Methodologies
The Six Sigma approach was designed by Motorola in 1986. The primary objective of the concept was to develop a tool for tallying the process defects and, as the result, improving business operations. The foundations of the approach are the customer needs, statistical analysis of data and facts, and timely execution. The method promises numerous benefits such as increasing performance and profitability of an organization, improving product or service quality and employee morale, decreasing costs, the growth of market share, the higher level of satisfying customer needs, etc. (Meredith & Shafer, 2013). The primary advantage of the Six Sigma approach is that it provides a logical and structured blueprint for solving problems.
The projects developed and conducted using the Six Sigma approach proximally consist of five stages – define, measure, analyze, improve, and control, or simply DMAIC (Meredith & Shafer, 2013). The key issue about the whole process is that in the case if the effectiveness of the project is assessed at the end of every stage, then it is a perfect way of improving operational performance of a company because it is assumed that the shift to the next phase is only possible once the results of the previous one are satisfactory.
The first one is define. It is a step of defining the goals of the projects and the results are aimed at reaching certain levels of productivity of customer satisfaction. The second stage is measure, and it is the stage of collecting data and facts and evaluating current operational performance. The third stage is analyze with the purpose of developing methods and theorie...

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...belts. Yellow belts are people who completed training but do not have enough experience to develop the guidelines for implementing the Six Sigma tools. As it is seen, this is the hierarchy based on the level of knowledge and experience in using the concept. Champions/sponsors are other managers involved in the operational performance improvement, and project owners are the company’s customers.
General Motors constantly improves the control process by hiring people who carry out the roles of black belts and master black belts and train its managers (General Motors seizes every opportunity to capitalize on Six Sigma training in Warren, n.d.). Consequentially, GM demands that its managers are certified after completing the Six Sigma awareness trainings, so that it is sure that they are professionals and can develop projects that will improve operational performance.

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