Essay on General Medical And Surgical Hospitals

Essay on General Medical And Surgical Hospitals

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As it becomes apparent that the healthcare industry can no longer evolve away from the IT services, it is imperative to identify trends that will help us address the issues.
I have focused my researches under the NAICS code 622110: General Medical and Surgical Hospitals. As Spaeder points out, “spotting the latest trends is key to a prosperous business.” Spaeder (2007), writing for Entrepreneur
The following three trends stand out, and I find should be included in our strategic priorities discussion.

The first trend is that health care IT is the most pressing technology issue facing hospitals. It involves developing electronic health records (EHR), as well as protecting privacy, including fighting ransomware threats.

The second trend I found is that IT healthcare is no exception to the growing issue of foreign IT workers; which is not only affecting the US employment rate, but also the immigration standards.

The third trend is the involvement of the Federal Government to try to solve the IT development issue by offering incentives for implementing health information technology (HIT) tools.

Exploiting these three trends will help us position our company at the forefront of the growing demand for our services.

Conn, J. (2016). Cybersecurity rising as health IT concern. Modern Healthcare, 46(9), 31-34. Retrieved from
This article discusses the recent interest and need for healthcare organizations to allocate substantial spending toward IT security.
Supported by the responses to the Modern Healthcare’s 26th annual Survey of Executive Opinions on Key Information Technology Issues, this article gives a quantitative an...

... middle of paper ...

...spitals are taking in order to maintain their incentives. It takes the form of warning or list of advice to healthcare organizations and providers interested in obtaining or keeping such incentives from the government.
It is interesting to see that there are limits and monitoring in place from the government intended to provide better care for patients overall. It does highlight the need for a more standardized system to help organizations implement their EHR system. Assuming that it is impossible to audit every hospital annually, one may also question the effectiveness of this program when it comes to improving patient’s care and factoring in the financial aspect.
This article was written in 2013. It will be worth confirming whether given the recent data breaches events, the incentive program is still scheduled to run until 2016 as originally scheduled.

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