2006 General Mclane Lancers Football and Basketball Teams Essay

2006 General Mclane Lancers Football and Basketball Teams Essay

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“I felt the whole Lancer nation with me that night” according to Andy Schulz the head coach of the basketball team(Schulz). That was what he was feeling on the night of the basketball state championship. In 2006-07 the General McLane Lancers football and basketball teams both won the state championship, by talking about their history, giving a game by game review, and talking about the coaches and players will show their journey.

The head coach of the General McLane Lancers football team was Jim Wells. Jim Wells was 35 at the time. He started coaching at General McLane in 1977. He graduated and played football for Ithaca College. When he came to General McLane he brought the option which is a type of offense. He ran the option in college and took it with him. He has only had one losing season. The season was in 2001 when the Lancers had four wins and five losses. The next year they came back with a vengeance and won the District 10 Championship (Orbanek).

Jim Wells was assisted by coach Graham, coach Wheeler, coach Frick, coach Renne, coach Palmer, coach Stumpf, and coach Bolheimer(Kennerknecht). The Lancers had a ten game season in 2006. They had thirty eight players on the varsity roster(General McLane High School 06-07 Football Schedule). The coaches and the players were ready for the season(Wells). The Lancers previous season they made it to the semifinals and were beaten(Kennerknecht). Players like Drew Astorino, Bobby Stauffer, Dan Skelton, Ryan Skelton, and Shawn Walker were returning. “I think we all believed we had the talent necessary to compete at the state level.”(Kennerknecht).

They were great athletes and are still spoken of today as role models. Drew Astorino was a senior the year of...

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