Essay about The General Impact of Management in International Business

Essay about The General Impact of Management in International Business

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Nowadays the international trade has a considerable extension; the exchange of goods, services, and natural resources is making in all over the world. Transportation and communication become quicker with the precious aid of the new technology. Often, several companies move from their native country to another one. The world is seen now as a global market where a diversity of societies is appealed to deal together. So, the management must from now on be considered in larger sense as several countries has to combine their view of management, their managerial styles and indubitably their culture, to ensure the globalization of business. So, what is the general impact of management in the international business?

In this essay this question will be clearly answered by deep details, concerning the important issues meet generally the managers in business international, such as: Conflict of culture, ethical issues, and fair trade issues. And the advent of the Multinational Corporation will be largely explained.

Finally, as example, the difference between the managerial styles of USA and Japan will be considered and the managerial styles of China will be described.

Keywords: Management, Globalization, Trade

With the expansion of the market in the world, the rise of production, and the number of customers, the management becomes more complex and more competitive. The globalization of the business requires diversity of tasks and skills; due to the high rise of demand in the international market. Consequently, more employees will be contacted to move to another place to satisfy the unlimited needs. Then, this fact causes the implantation of several international companies or multinational corporations, the conflict of culture, t...

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...ttees; they made slow decision, and practice slow implementation of decision. In planning organizing, collective and individual responsibility are required. They attempt to introduce responsibility system; formal bureaucratic organization system is required. They mostly hire from school, than other companies. They have a slow promotion process but a regular salary. In leading practice, the leader acts as the head of the committee, and the directive is child-parent type and they avoid confrontation. And the control is made by the group leader.

In addition, the management has a direct impact on all factors in the globalization of business, whether in Multinational corporation, international exchange, ethical norms or diversity of cultures. Consequently, Management has to be more qualified so that it faces the high intensity of the demands in the international market.

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