Essay on General Geography : Japan, Japan

Essay on General Geography : Japan, Japan

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General Geography:

Country Name: Japan is the archipelago consisted of many islands bounded on the Sea of Okhotsk, Pacific Ocean, East Sea and Sea of Japan. [1] There are five main districts: Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku, and Okinawa. Each district has a main island surrounding by many smaller islands. [1] The capital in Japan is Tokyo.
General Population: As of early 2015, the population is 126,818,019 [2] and the population growth declined by 0.08% from the previous year (126,999,808 from 2014) [2] due to extremely lower birth rate (fewer than 6000 in 2013). [4] For the deaf population in Japan, there is in between approximately 320,000 and 7.5 million of deaf people (2004). [3] The data is not based on all people who were born with full deaf. It also included people who have hearing loss occurred later in their life.
Location: Japan is located in the East Asia continent. [1]

Area: Japan’s total area of 145,914 sq. mi, which is slightly smaller than California (163, 696 sq. mi). [1] [43]

Deaf Population:

Sign Language(s): There are two primary languages in the Japan Deaf Community, SimCom (Simultaneous Communication) and Japanese Sign Language (JSL). SimCom is for non-deaf people often translated Japanese grammar and structure into sign language that can be used for interpreting or broadcasting purposes. [5] JSL, on the other hand, is not standardized language since there are sign form variations from different island regions across Japan. [5] JSL also used visual movements and gestures (eyes, hands, arms etc.). [7] JSL heavily uses mouthing to help deaf people distinguish between signs. [6] [7] JSL also uses the topic-comment pattern of sentence structure that is commonly found in spoken Japanese language and used fing...

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...e to learn JSL [36] and some universities also offered JSL courses for students who want to become English-Japanese interpreters. For example, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies [37] and Hokkaido University (Modern Japanese Studies Program or MJSP) [38] offered the interpreting program. Even Kiko, Princess of Akishino was taught in JSL and became the trained interpreter. [39] She used JSL in many informal events. She also knows the American Sign Language (ASL) and taught her daughters, Kako [40] and Mako [41] in JSL as well.
Access to interpreting Services:

The Ministry of Education recently declared the “Supporting Independence of People with Disabilities Act.” [36] The Act stated that all local governments are encouraged to increase the number of JSL interpreters. [36] Therefore, this Act allows deaf people to request an access to request interpreters easier.

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