General Ethical Theories Have Provided Guidance For Moral Decision Making For A Few Years Now

General Ethical Theories Have Provided Guidance For Moral Decision Making For A Few Years Now

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General ethical theories have provided guidance for moral decision making for a few years now. Major theories have been created which emphasize different rules or principles to follow when moral difficulties arise, specifically in the medical context. These major ethical theories like Utilitarianism, Deontology, Natural Law of Ethics, Care Ethics, Virtue Ethics, and the Ethics of Reciprocity, to name a few, stand for different principles which overall formulates the major differences between these theories. However, after deliberating over the man principles and rules of each theory, the ethical theory which resonated most with my own decision making process, is the Ethics of Reciprocity.
The Ethics of Reciprocity’s fundamental principle, “I have been created as a gift for the person next to me and the person next to me has been created as a gift for me,” resonates most with my beliefs. In other words this theory embraces each member of society as a gift. Each one has something to give and receive to this life. The theory of reciprocity stresses the importance of the coexistence between autonomy and community. Each personal choice has an effect on everyone surrounding you, either directly or indirectly. This major principle is the foundation of what this theory represents. We do not live in isolation. Although I believe in having the freedom to make my own decisions and do what is best for me, I also recognize the fact that I do not live alone in this world. I believe in valuing every person and every idea, treating each person with not only respect but to treat them how I would want to be treated. In addition to this, similar to the key points of this theory, I believe it is important to help others any way possible and to share...

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...lues of care, be compassionate, sympathetic, kind and helpful. However, this theory along with the other two provide no obvious way to resolve moral conflicts. Relating to the principles behind Virtue Ethics, it relies on the idea that a person is predisposed to do what is right when faced with certain situations, however, how do we know which have been brought up properly or what constitutes right from wrong.
Although many of these theories, serve as a guide to making moral decisions, the way I view life affected the way I viewed these theories. For me, when I read each theory I would relate but I would always find a situation where I would react differently from what the theory suggested. However, once we learned about the theory of reciprocity and the principles behind it, I found myself relating more to the beliefs and principles behind it than any other theory.

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