General Education Requirements For Undergraduate Students Essay

General Education Requirements For Undergraduate Students Essay

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Some faculty and administrators criticized that general education courses do not exceed holistic education requirement expectations and are instead seen as useless classes students take apart from a student’s core curriculum (Fuess & Mitchell, 2011). The concern that general education courses are an obstacle to complete in addition to student’s required courses is the reason why our task team has decided to completely reform the general education process for undergraduate students.
The goal of our general education reform is to create a process that is focused on student outcomes (Fuess & Mitchell, 2011). Our general education courses are called foundational development courses (FDCs). Each course focuses on at least one learning outcome. The outcomes are “ developing practical skills, building and using knowledge from different subject areas, developing and exercising individual and social responsibilities” (Fuess & Mitchell, 2011, p. 5). Students will complete two classes for each outcome. Each undergraduate student will pass eight foundational development courses and a total of 24 credit hours to complete the general education requirement.
Similar to the University of Nebraska- Lincoln’s process, our institution’s general education program is centered on five specific learning outcomes of student achievement (Fuess & Mitchell, 2011). The learning outcomes include “developing specific practical skills such as writing texts in various forms; demonstrating communication competence, problem solving using quantitative or formal reasoning; building and using knowledge from different subject areas; and developing and exercising individual and social responsibilities such as citizenship, global awareness, and human diversity” (Fuess & ...

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...rement, vacation, and sick time. The professionals will be located in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences building and will not be required to pay any rental fee for their two offices. Since our initiative focuses on the reorganization of existing academic programs requirements, there are no additional costs besides the salary and benefits for the two campus assessment officers. The assessment professionals will be placed in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences since that is where a majority of general education courses are offered. The amount requested is to pay the professionals for four years. After four years and if the program has been effective (effective meaning the Provost has agreed to support it), the College of Liberal Arts and Science has said it will incorporate the cost associated with general education assessment into its own operating budget.

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