General Culture During The 1960 ' S Essays

General Culture During The 1960 ' S Essays

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General Culture

Liskov was born in 1939 and attended college during the 1950’s and 1960’s. Between the two decades much changed technologically, culturally, and politically. During the 1960’s fee love, bellbottoms, and psychedelic hairstyle was the current way of life in America. The Beatles and Jimmy Hendrix played on the radio and while Bewitched and Andy Griffith ruled TV land in color. Ford Mustangs ruled the road while an average gallon of gas was an average .31 a gallon. Yet it was also a time when women weren’t able to serve on a jury or get on a birth control pill. The stereotypical view of a women was often a happy housewife and mother. Full time house makers spent 55 hours a week on domestic chores.

Tools, devices, appliances, and machines in use by women in that culture and era

The 1950’s introduced the first household washer and dryer and color television. By the 1960’s women of this era had an array of choices of household appliances and small kitchen appliances. Of them included the washer dryer combo, five speed blender, an affordable color television, an iron (used for both clothing and hair), and (for those who could afford them) the microwave oven!

Statistics related to Education and Business/Industry gender in the culture and era.

During the 1960’s many women faced discrimination both in education and workplace. According to National Center for Education Statistics college enrollment of high school graduates consisted of 54% male and only 37% female. The National Center Education Statistics by the U.S. Department of Education reports only 75% of women obtained a four year degree but only 10% were seeking career oriented majors. These majors lead to advanced degrees and were S.T.E.M. fields. While Ivy League...

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...g), NAS (National Academy of Sciences), and ACM (Association of Computing Machinery. Liskov was awarded the John von Neumann Medal for “fundamental contributions to programming languages, programming methodology, and distributed systems”. She was awarded the Turing Award from ACM in 2008 for her design of programming languages and development of object oriented programming. She is currently a faculty member with tenure at MIT.

Liskov invented programs that are used by computers. They’re a basis for applications such as Java (platform independent software), C++ (C++ is a high-level programming language for large applications), C# (also known as “C sharp” used in .NET framework). These programs are used to write software applications for computers. The applications range from business, medical, financial, and personal applications. Some games can be made from C++ as we

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