General Applications of Carbon Nanotubes Essay example

General Applications of Carbon Nanotubes Essay example

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General Applications - CNT in Life
Despite all thorough understanding of the properties of CNTs, how to incorporate them in every day usage to satisfy our ever-hungry market is a challenge. When given an almost incredible material like CNT, what would you deal with these tubes? By virtue of their flexible usages and remarkable properties, CNTs are frequenters on assembly lines at present with their active part mainly in fields of both industry and daily life. Below are some examples.
World’s Smallest Motor
NTs, the team was capable of allowing the outer tube as well as the rotor to spin freely yet virtually without friction.
On one hand, when the stators were powered with up to 50 volts of direct current, the gold rotor bended up to 20 degrees, which could be detected by the SEM. On the other hand, the rotor acted much like a torsional oscillator, rocking back and forth, when treated with alternating voltage.
An oscillator as such, possesses the potential of conducting microwave frequency oscillations from hundreds of megahertz to gigahertz, was hopeful to be incorporating in other devices-especially, cell phones or computers and o
World’s Smallest Motor
It’s reported that the first nanoscale motor was created by a UC Berkeley physicist only about a decade after the engineers in University of California, Berkeley, built the first micro-scale motor. The nanoscale motor is a gold rotor on a nanotube shaft that could even ride on the back of a virus.
600 times tinier than the radius of a human hair, the motor is about 500 nanometers across. However, it’s the rotor, which is between 100 and 300 nanometers long, that rotates. The motor's shaft is a single MWNT. The rigid nanotube, which comprises nested nanotubes much resembles the l...

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...sensitive and selective detection agents that can address the deficiencies of conventional technologies. Meanwhile, chemists are designing and fabricating new materials for application in diagnostic assays. Thanks to the revelation that nanotube electronic transport and thermo-power (voltages between junctions caused by inter-junction temperature differences) are very sensitive to substances that affect the amount of injected charge , and the minute size of the nanotube sensing element and the correspondingly small amount of material required for a response, possible chemical sensor applications of nonmetallic nanotubes are arousing attention. [1]
Despite the rosy outlook, major challenges remain. There are still difficulties exist in producing devices that differentiate between absorbed species in complex mixtures and provide rapid forward and reverse responses.

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