Essay about Gender Wage Gap And Gender Inequality

Essay about Gender Wage Gap And Gender Inequality

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You’ve probably heard that women make less money than men regardless of their credentials which is a direct result in the statistics from the gender wage gap today. What does this actually mean? What factors are resources using when they come up with their statistics about the wage gap? Today you will be given all the evidence which shows that many resources lack the ability to provide all factors that affect the pay between men and women. Years ago there was a big difference in the income between men and women. In today’s society women have closed the gender wage gap based on same job equivalent in the workforce because of their increased experience, benefits and educational advancements, which leads to equal pay between men and women.
Years ago dating back to World War II women started entering the workforce and were not given equal pay as men, which started the gender wage gap. According to the article Women Who Answered the Call, “World War II was a turning point for women because, for the first time, women were allowed to join the military, fly planes in noncombat missions, and work in munitions factories and other war-related industries” (Lockhart & Pergande, 2001, p. 156). This was the homecoming for women because they were not look at as housewives anymore but showed capabilities that they could perform equivalent industrial work as men. The U.S economy on war would have crumbled in production of military hardware without the rise of women labor in the workforce. Women not only ignited the change of working roles between genders but they also sparked the change in home duties and living styles between men and women. Lockhart & Pergande (2001) showed how the impact for women during World W...

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... workforce, this is when they will be considered more valuable than men which will result in the gender wag gap shift in the future.
In conclusion, the facts have all been laid on the ground for your viewing that show women have closed the gender wage gap because their added capabilities in the workforce. Yes, there was a gender pay gap that was introduced in the earlier years when women first started entering the workforce but over the years they have made significant strides to obtain equal pay. Women have increased their job experiences, earned benefits of flexible work schedules without pay penalties and made tremendous educational advancements which further decreased the gender wage gap. Challenge yourselves to seek out the none biased information and make your decision on whether women still make less money than men with all of the factors included.

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