Essay Gender Violence And Sexual Violence

Essay Gender Violence And Sexual Violence

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Gender violence bears many names depending on the context in which it happens. In the home or any place we call home, gender violence is called domestic violence, intimate partner violence or spousal abuse. It involves relationship violence, which may include stalking, sexual harassment, rape, sexual assault, prostitution and sex trafficking. The majority of the cases on gender violence are dominantly defined by male aggressors. Countless individuals are unwilling to discuss issues relating to gender violence due to the negative stigmas, unfortunately a sundry of individual suffer in silence. Movies like Tyler Perry’s product like “For Colored Girls,” testify about social issues and the national epidemic of sexual and gender violence. The movie portrays at risk African American women who are 11 times more likely of being abused or murdered in violent circumstances. This is a historic part of the culture, as is stated by Malcom X his speech, -“Who Taught You to Hate Yourself.” Malcom X expressed that, - “the must disregarded person in America is the Black Women, the most unprotected person in American is the black woman, and the most mistreated person in America is the black woman.”
Reality television has achieved a bold new way of highlighting the human side of the victimized individuals and their offenders, in so doing rising awareness about the social issue of gender violence. Reality shows such as Jerry Springer, the Maury show and Dr. Phil have shed light on probable causes of aggressive emotions which led to physical violence. Dr. Phil explained, of some the issues that contaminate relationships. Stating there could be a fault finder who uses negative criticism. There are also passive aggressive partners who assert pow...

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...and impacts mostly women and children. If these issues are allowed to take over our homes, schools and the general public this could jeopardize the moral fabric of society. An article from Colorado Bar Association reports that increased criminal justice intervention, medical care, and mental health result in monetary losses to society. The methods towards the path of conflict resolution are endless. Conflict resolution must start at home. It is an opportunity to strength relationships and create meaningful bonds. For instance, confronting family members about a drinking and drug problems. The family is the actualization of kinship relationship, through which humans see their lives as part of a continuum. In our family, we learn the basic pattern of human behavior – how to treat one another, how to act in a group and how to navigate multiple differences.

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