Gender Stratification And Gender Roles Essay

Gender Stratification And Gender Roles Essay

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Society 's level of development and technology and wealth enhance gender stratification and gender roles that have been established long ago. From a biological aspect of the differences between men and women comes a society that stabilizes these gender inequality and gender roles. It becomes much more difficult to change these ideas that have been held in the minds of many. These biological differences create a society of male dominance with female submission. This dominance, in turn, generates a society with development and technology based on a foundation by men and resources and structure that enhance male ideals.
Gender stratification and gender roles have been established in society long before people noticed it. In a society before agriculture, there were hunters and gatherers. By comparing the roles of a society of hunter and gatherers, men are the hunters while women are the gathers (Gurven and Hill 56). This can be explained through structural functionalism, in which it argues that sexual division of labor exists to fulfill necessary functions (Conley 289). There is a need for each gender to be part of the relationship in order to successfully ensure a stable society. Women raise children and men work outside. Sigmund Fred emphasized that masculine and feminine personality structures develop from early interactions with parents (Conley 290). Children become socialized into these gender roles by how society brings them up.
Men are seen as a dominant worker and women as a submissive child barer because of the unequal involvement in child rareing. Nancy Chodorow explains that "mothering by women is reproduced in a cycle of role socialization" (Conley 290). This places women in the home setting and men in the work setting. M...

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... rules built by men. Men at the top dominated, earning more wealth compared to women who worked under. This created a gap that influenced gender stratification. Jobs became based off the prevailing gender roles. Some seem better fit for women, others better for men. Men achieve more in the sciences and leads society 's development and technology. Women are lagging behind in the sciences because men had an overwhelming head start. Therefore, they contribute less to development and technology. A lot of wealth is gained through these fields, making men wealthier along with society. The resources and economic structure that is established by our society is running fairly well, so change is much more difficult. The division of labor creates gender stratification and gender roles, but society is still functioning. The structure works, but it leaves women at the lower end.

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