Gender Stereotyping Of Men And Women Essay

Gender Stereotyping Of Men And Women Essay

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In today 's society, gender stereotyping of men and women has influenced the society’s actions and how it has reflected in recent years. Everyday stereotype is being used whether if it’s on movies, workplaces, playgrounds, homes, or even magazines. There is gender diversity in the movie Grease which took place in 1978. This movie focuses on several different types of stereotyping throughout the movie. Two specific characters in which we are able to use as an example of gender stereotyping are Sandy and Danny. There has always been a specific boundary between a male and a female gender. The femininity side that is shown in the movie Grease of how it is described by the character Sandy of how women were once portrayed back in the day has changed over time. Now, not just the femininity changed over time, but also muscularity has also. In the movie Grease between the men before and the men now has changed. The movie gave us an example of how men were portrayed as they were the ones wearing the pants showing us that men were hard to get and didn’t like showing their love towards a woman. Gender stereotyping still goes on as of today whether we notice it or not it does. It has also changed overtime. In the movie Grease, it shows how gender has been negatively portrayed throughout the media and entertainment world
Gender is part of a daily life of how women and men are portrayed in our society. Gender is used with reference to social and cultural differences, and therefore stereotypes are brought upon. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, stereotypes can be defined as: to believe unfairly that all people or things with a particular characteristic are the same. If we look at how stereotyping has evolved from how it is now...

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...ypes, for instance; being cool, popular, tough, getting into trouble, smoking, drinking and other stereotyping. As the media increases with their stereotyping and showing their audience of how the ideal woman or man should be, stereotyping will continue to happen. In these cases different types of stereotyping is amongst it whether it be gender, racial, sexuality, ethnicity, or social class. As long as the media exposes any of these to their audience we will believe anything they tell us because that’s just the way society is. We abide by what someone else tell us so we assume it must be true, but in reality it is what one wants to believe and what one wants to abide too. So let 's take this as a lesson that stereotyping is inevitable and will continue to happen as long as we take in what the media wants to show us or what one wants to believe from another person.

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