Gender Stereotypes Within The Classroom Essay

Gender Stereotypes Within The Classroom Essay

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Today we lie in a world together with different genders. We see that males, females, and children go to school, work, and live together. As we see in our society that gender develops as men and women interact throughout their lives. Gender greatly influences our way of thinking, learning, growing, and working and interacting with others. Gender plays a critical role in the development of children from early age. The school system itself plays an important role in developing and maintaining gender differences that we see today. Things in everyday life such as textbooks, computer software, toys, games and teaching styles conserve the gender difference. We tend not to like change of any kind so traditional roles of men and women also dictate the focus of that which guys and girls learn in school. However, society tends to argue that girls face the biggest obstacles in the presence of gender biases in the classroom. Regardless of the opinion of one group in society say over another, we need to carefully examine gender biases in schools and classrooms in a more unbiased and broader sense. We should be looking at every aspect of the environment from the attitudes and behavior brought into school by some students, the materials used in the course, and the teachers in the classroom.

In David Thomas’s essay, The Mind of Man, Thomas argues that there is problem of gender bias of the student and teacher relationship in guys and girls, emphasizing more the negative treatments of boys in classrooms than of girls. He states that in recent surveys, female teachers leaned more towards praising girls more than boys and often gave negative feedback of the boys, and especially criticized their behavior. Thomas states “Women teachers find boys too...

... middle of paper ... that our children, both boys and girls, receive equal opportunity in schools, educators like David Thomas and ourselves, need to stop and think of the biases we have within us. We need to stop criticizing and arguing about who treats who better, and we need to get rid of the unnoticeable biases that we hold before we can actually stop such problems that occur to our own children. Second, we need to spend more money and time to educate the college students training to become teachers. We need to put more hours to inform the teacher-trainees of the gender inequalities in school by showing them examples, so that they will learn not to act upon it the second time around. Lastly, we need to put girl and boys on an equal plane so that both genders will benefit by gaining appreciation and respect for the possibilities of attributes, roles, and perspectives for both sexes.

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