Gender Stereotypes : The Ugly Truth Essay

Gender Stereotypes : The Ugly Truth Essay

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Gender stereotypes are ideas simplified, but strongly assumed, on the characteristics of men and women, that translates into a series of tasks and activities that are assign in each culture. Along life, family, school, and environment, Society thought us what is right and what is not in being men or women. Starting with the form we dress, talk, express, behave, to what we can play or what sport to participate. The margin of the biological endowment differences males and females; the fact of being women or men implies a long process of learning and adaptation to the rules established starting with work, personality, love and desires. In the movie "The Ugly Truth." you can see different situations that reflect what society is teaching us for example that woman must be submissive or that man does not have emotions, but in the end, it also has teachings that demonstrate the opposite and changes the rules of stereotypes.
In the movie "The Ugly Truth." the idea of women not been capable of leadership is illustrated in some scenes, but at the same time, that concept is destroyed. Most cultures are set up patriarchies so as to benefit the men, patriarchal societies have always argued that women are inherently weak leaders; thus, giving rise to the idea that even the women should support the concept of male leadership. The main character in the movie is Abby, a woman that is a producer of a TV show and even though she is the leader, her work is considered a joke in many situations. In the movie, when she presents an idea for the TV show the boss, that is a man, takes her ideas as nonsense and tends to listen to the men workers’ ideas. At the same time, Abby demonstrates her ability as a great leader and takes control of situations where i...

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... of the movie her perfect man ends up been Mike a man that thought he could not love women and that does not meet any of her requirements but she can be herself and still love each other.
Society created stereotypes and guides that help men and women to act like how “they are supposed to” and in order to find love there are secret and tips for women that should be follow and men have to act and have certain things in order for a woman to look at them. In the movie “The Ugly Truth” the final message is that Men are capable of loving and women are able to attract a man just by being how they are, or so it is one of the messages. There are different situations throughout the film that demonstrate the ideas of how society view male and females and at the same time the movie destroys the concepts showing a different prospective and a different end of what it was expected.

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