Gender Stereotypes Regarding Toys Essay

Gender Stereotypes Regarding Toys Essay

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As a child, our toys were not exactly as gender neutral as earlier times, but also were not as gender stereotypic as the toys in today’s time. The fact that everyone eventually comes into contact with buying toys whether you have kids or you have a friend or family member who have kids which makes this an important topic. Eventually, everyone has to buy a child a present. Would it bother you that all toys are either pink or blue and there is no in between? Or does sticking to what your child is already familiar with and knows the more ideal option when it comes to gender stereotyping with children’s toys? Authors James Delingpole and Eleanor Muffitt both do a good job at arguing both sides to this issue. Although both authors provide valid points throughout each article, about gender stereotyping with toys, James Delingpole clearly was more effective in persuading the audience because he used all three elements; ethos, logos, and pathos to support his idea.
To prove that toys should be left alone and that children should not be taken away from “natural urges”, James Delingpole gives a reasonable argument in his article, “Why it’s Not Sexist to Say That Boys Should Never Play with Dolls”, that when it comes to children we should not try to change the way boys and girls are programed. Delingpole starts off by explaining that he was invited to dinner with a “headmistress of a very smart all-girls boarding school and got to interact with them. Delingpole explains how they started out the diner by asking the girls what they wanted to be when they get older and most replies were the normal replies of 6th graders. Delingpole then goes on to explain why he does not think that toys should not be altered because of what other people...

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...ity. The light way he wrote his article incorporating humor into it and making the other view just seem silly is what got grabbed my attention the most. Delingpole’s credibility was also a factor that made his article more effective. When it comes to Muffitt’s argument her use of ethos and logos were good, It was her lack of pathos that was a huge factor in deciding which article did a better job at arguing their point. Without the pathos side Muffitt’s argument seems a little dry or not as interesting and attention grabbing as Delingpole’s.

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