Essay on Gender Stereotypes Of Advertising And Marketing Campaigns

Essay on Gender Stereotypes Of Advertising And Marketing Campaigns

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Plous and Neptune writes in their “Racial and gender biases in magazine advertising” that advertisements have been called ubiquitous, inescapable and one of the most important cultural factors affecting the modern society. They are also known to be one of the great vehicles of social communication. While it is difficult to determine the cumulative effects of the exposure to the vast number of advertisements, it is proved through research on gender stereotyping that these advertisements affect people’s perceptions of and relations with one another (Plous & Neptune, p.01). The debate regarding gender bias in advertising and marketing campaigns is not new. Since long, female bodies have been used to advertise a large number of products from chocolates to toilet products. In the new era, gender has also become a marketing tool just like sex has used to be. Gender bias in advertisements has become the new norm with brands trying just anything to sell their product even if it does not appear logical.
A perfect example of such ads with a gender bias is the ad for the Yorkie bar. It is not uncommon for the marketers to position gender neutral products as aimed at a particular gender. However, the Yorkie ad seems to have gone a few steps ahead in calling itself made for the macho. The ad strategy of Nestle seems to strongly suggest that the candy is made strictly for males. Yorkie is positioned as a hunger satisfying bar. The ad for Yorkie also says it is not for girls. The ad reminds of old days when products meant for guys used to come in blue packages and those for girls in pink. The two colors have remained associated with the two genders. The Yorkie ad goes a step ahead and has replaced the ‘O’ in Yorkie with a no females symbol (Wa...

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...e offended since the no women sign instead of barring them makes the product appear even interesting by associating it with the opposite gender. So, gender is now subject to manipulation and exploitation in nearly every domain including advertising and if it can drive sales up this exploitation is not bad. It is so because at the end the brand has been successful at achieving what it intended to. At this point, it is difficult to decide if the Yorkie ad is anywhere meant to offend with its gender bias. If the marketer is trying to sell to a special class or category of consumers only, there is nothing to be offended at. However, it is certain that the marketers attempt to use gender and manipulate it to their advantage is more than evident. It is not any more limited to consumers’ preference or decision. Unknowingly people are being manipulated owing to their gender.

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