Gender Stereotypes And Its Impact On Society Essay

Gender Stereotypes And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Gender stereotype is an existing issue in our contemporary society. Stereotyping based on gender is a social issue because individuals are restricted to behave in certain ways based on their identity as a female or a male. The objective of this paper is to use the theories produced by Erving Goffman, an American sociologist, to understand the existence of gender roles. One of the key issues that will be examined in this paper is the discouragement of “househusbands” in our society, followed by the different ways children are brought up with concepts such as femininity and masculinity attached to their genders. Firstly, Goffman’s theory of dramaturgy, where human interactions are seen as performances in his book, The presentation of self in everyday life, will be used to explain the dismissal of “househusbands” as an ideal role in our society. Secondly, his work in Gender Advertisement, which examines the different gender-based depictions of individuals, will be utilised to understand why children are raised with different expectations imposed on them.
Performances of a husband
According to Goffman, interactions of individuals are perceived as a performance of the actor and the audience or observer (1971, pp26-27). There are two types of actors, the sincere, who are fully taken in their act, and the cynical, who do not believe in their performance (Goffman, 1971, pp28-29). By applying this theory to the expected husband role, we may take the assumption that there are two types of husbands. The first type is the one who believes in their role of the breadwinner, whereas the others are those who force themselves towards this ideal role. For example, some husbands in Japan have contended their desire to perform domestic chores (Aoki...

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...rmances. Moreover, gender norms have been reinforced in the society through commercials’ portrayal of social situations. Through the elements of identifying gender in advertisements discussed above, it has been argued how the “feminine touch” constructed the attribute of a female distancing oneself form physical activities. While “the ritualization of subordination” element has reproduced the needs for men to supressed their emotions. “Function ranking” and “the family” are the other elements discussed where there are distinct portrayal between males and females. Consequently, it has made it almost impossible for society to raise boys and girls in the same manner. Therefore, gender stereotype remain in our society today because of the influence of the gender display in advertisements and the embedded routinise front stage characteristics we reproduced on individuals.

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