Gender Stereotypes And Its Effects On Women Essay

Gender Stereotypes And Its Effects On Women Essay

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People all around the world are disgraced. They are treated very very poorly because of their gender. When someone thinks of gender roles there is always someone to blame, I personally think there are people that are to blame but, I also feel like it comes from society. It has affected us in multiple ways. There is music, movies, my opponent may have good points but they are wrong, people now have a great role in how women are now. Gender stereotypes create great biases and make people think lower of women.
In the music today it went from strong femme fatals; to women who have nothing to offer but silicone chests, followed by their great big plastic asses. Stars like Marilyn Monroe, and Michele Pfeiffer are being replaced by Nikki Minaj and Megan Fox. Nikki with her fake plastic body raps about, having sex with a man who is very formidable in his pants. Marilyn wasn 't perfect and she may have been a playboy but it was so uncommon for a female playboy to be a star outside of being naked. She didn 't have the perfect body to make her a star; but she had music too; a talent. Marilyn started to show people to love themselves and not change; then Nikki shows everyone you have to have a plastic body. Seeing people that have the perfect body to me aren 't attractive; if money can buy your chest, and the rest of your body, what is even left? Nothing. I may be rambling to some but here is where I get into the real point I’m trying to make. Women see the pop stars of today and obsess over them. They want to be like them so people will like them. Watching someone pick apart their very own body, because they don 't have what people with money have; is very depressing. When I think of celebrity women I can only think of a few that don 't h...

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...So that girl they were talking about, she could hear them. So she goes home and changes her life to be more like them. It is a very disgusting, vicious cycle. The people around have a very big influence on the people that get destroyed and influenced by society.
The people around influence the view women have on themselves, womens view in society is a bad one that cannot be argued, Tv and movies kills self image of women, music is a very big part of women 's view. Women today has a life that can be derived as influenced by everything. I personally think that if it continues to go this way will be a great problem as it continuously picks apart women 's self image and self worth. After reading this take a look around, open your eyes, try and find someone who doesn 't wear makeup and actually loves their body; who doesn 't want to be a celebrity, I tell you it 's hard.

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