Essay about Gender, Social And Cultural Differences Between Men And Women

Essay about Gender, Social And Cultural Differences Between Men And Women

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Gender is the social and cultural differences between men and women; men are associated with masculinity and women with femininity (Diana Kendall sociology in our times p 303). Sex is the biological and anatomical difference between male and female (D. Kendall p 298). However, there can be feminine men and masculine women. In the case of a transgender person, they can be born a man and have the anatomy of a man, but identify as a woman and may even have a sex change operation. For these reasons, neither sex nor gender is completely determined by birth. In 2015, it is becoming more acceptable to be transgender, homosexual or to be a masculine woman or a feminine man. Even if women are becoming more influential in the world, men are still considered more important. In countries where amount of children is limited, boys are preferred and many girls are given up for adoption or aborted (D. Kendall p 310). In India girls are considered a liability and boys an asset (D. Kendall p 310). Another reason boys are more valued than girls is the stereotype that men are more important to the future of the family (D. Kendall p 310). One of the biggest reasons that women are often looked down on and mistreated is because men and women are treated differently and taught that men are better early in life.
Socially appropriate behavior is learned through everyday interaction. There are behaviors expected of everyone, such as holding the door open for the person behind you or respecting elders and authority figures. For a gender specific example, women throughout history have been expected to cook and clean for their families and raise the children while their husbands were working. However, gender roles in recent years have begun changing drasticall...

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... socialization taught to children need to change in families, schools and in the media for men and women to become more equal (D. Kendall p 323). Radical feminists are people who think everything is the patriarchy’s fault and usually do not propose anything that would lead to real social change and equality. Socialist feminist argue that women are exploited at home by their families and in the workplace by corporate greed because of their lower wage and rare opportunities (D. Kendall p. 3233). Most items are gender specified and female items are considered weak, dainty and sometimes shameful, men’s are cool, tough and usually acceptable for a woman to use. In society, making a woman’s life harder because of predesignated gender roles, we are contradicting ourselves because the “weak” women, despite all of the inequality are fighting and striving, stronger than ever.

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