Gender Selection Through Prenatal Diagnosis and Abortion Essay

Gender Selection Through Prenatal Diagnosis and Abortion Essay

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In today’s day and age there are new forms of technology being developed to accomplish just about any task and make any sort of wish possible. With this being said many human beings throw caution to the wind and decide to take action on their every want and need. When it comes to the process of procreating and bringing a child into this world parents can find themselves hoping and wishing for one gender over another. In order to ensure that the gender they want is what they get parents can go through variations of processes in order to select the desired gender for their baby. Many in today’s world have deemed these sorts of practices unethical and immoral and some forms of religion refuse the idea of it. “The prospect of preconception gender selection appears to pose the conflict—long present in other bioethical issues—between individual desires and the larger common good. Yet doing so leads to the risk that children will be treated as vehicles of parental satisfaction rather than as ends in themselves, and could accelerate the trend toward negative and even positive selection of offspring characteristics” (Robertson 3). In this argumentative essay I will be going through the different areas of controversy surrounding this particular topic and focusing on the immorality of such an act.
Gender selection through prenatal diagnosis and abortion has existed since the 1970s. More recently, pre-implantation sexing of embryos for transfer has been developed. Both prenatal and pre-implantation methods of gender selection are seen as horrible unethical and impractical because they require abortion or a costly, intrusive cycle of in vitro fertilization and embryo discard (Hill et al. 438). Through this process if an embryo turns out to be...

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