Gender Roles Within The Family Setting Essay

Gender Roles Within The Family Setting Essay

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This paper will critically analyze all three resources by determining what additional research questions they produce. One of the main issues is that gender roles within the family setting are mixed. Some are very traditional while others are not. Three sources of information relating to gender and family will be analyzed and reflected upon to assess the opportunity for further research.
Traditional gender roles have stereotyped both men and women where men are the breadwinners and women are the ones that stay home and tend to the house, the children, and their husbands. Over the years, those roles have changed drastically. “Between 1975 and 2009, labor force rate of mothers with children under age 18 increased from 47.4 percent to 71.6 percent” (Bianchi, 2012, 15). Working mothers also make the choice to return to work sooner after giving birth than those 50 years ago. Divorce rates have also increased leaving most working mothers raising her children on her own.
The state of workplaces has also changed drastically. There has been a shift towards non-traditional working hours. While this is not ideal for most families, the pay is extremely high. For fathers who are less skilled, the inability to find a “good job” takes him away from his family obligations. For women who are single mothers and are low-skilled workers, the battle is how will she take care of her children and work the number of hours needed to provide for her children.
The research study conducted by Marks et al. (2012) focused on attitudes of gender roles and family patterns associated with those roles, examining specific situations under which these patters happen, and assessing how gender attitude patterns impact the opportunity for family conflict. Those pa...

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...will look at specific relationships that occur within a family and could provide much insight into how these types of interactions occur or manifest depending on the relationships involving the parents.
With so many research studies done on broad areas of this topic, it is difficult to get a good grasp on how gender roles truly affect relationships and socialization amongst family members. Further research should include cultural backgrounds, the state of the community in which they lived, the relationships that parents had with their parents, and specific variables that include spiritual activity (go to church or other spiritual functions), quality of school district, and peer relationships. There are so many different factors that come into play and the most important ones should be weeded out and considered when doing a comparable study such as these.

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