Gender Roles : Toys, Games, And Media Essay

Gender Roles : Toys, Games, And Media Essay

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Gender Roles in Toys, Games, and Media
Most children remember the kinds of things they played as kids. Like hopscotch, playing house, watched Yu-Gi-Oh! And played with the cards, marbles, or maybe even spent their time playing GameBoy. However did any of these childhood entertainments have an effect on us growing up? And does it influence and encourage our Gender Roles? For the most part toys, games, and media do have an effect to some extent it does reinforce our idea of gender roles when children grow up and play into their character.
In most societies when children are born, they are immediately enculturated to what their gender is, in which they adapt to the cultural norms and characteristics of that society, which is different from sex, where it refers to the biological, hormonal, and physical differences between males and females. For example, in America once an Infant is born the first question that typically comes into one 's mind is “Is it a boy or a girl?” That question then leads to having what items that child should have to play with. If you go into Toys-R-Us or a children 's clothing store, there’s no requirement for a label to indicate where the boys or girls section is. If a child is born a girl most of us can already imagine pink, soft, dolls, stuff toys, dress-up games along with hair and Make-Up. Then, if the kid is a boy we already see Blue, rough and tough activities, Cars, action video games, action-figures, and sports. Both examples of incongruous gender typing where it refers to the characteristics that relate to an individual non-biologically. Another example of recognizing gender differences is within the media. When children watch television shows, most are not gender neutral, for example an old American...

... middle of paper ...”, which may have its consequence but it’s also beneficial as well because it encourages children to socialize and experience connectedness between people. There’s also Kohlberg 's Cognitive Development Theory, which shows that when a child 's acknowledges their gender, it plays an essential part of their main character.

It’s important that children at an early shouldn’t learn that there’s only a singular role they should play into and allow them to express a side that isn’t as common or stereotypical within their gender role. Parents should also try to avoid child-rearing gender roles and give their children the option to choose freely about their particular interest. This would help discontinue gender stratification and ultimately lead to greater gender equality. And ultimately lead to a society where they acknowledge differences between them and accepts them.

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