Gender Roles ( Pg130- Sets Of Behavioral Norms Essay examples

Gender Roles ( Pg130- Sets Of Behavioral Norms Essay examples

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Chapter Four

Gender roles - pg130- sets of behavioral norms assumed to accompany one’s status as male or female.

Example: When I was younger, maybe around the age of five my mom would give me everything pink. There was this one time when we went to the mall to pick out a backpack for kindergarten. I wanted one of those rolling backpacks with a princess on it. When I was little, I loved princesses. Princesses were every little girls dream. My mom and I went to the mall, and went into the Disney store to pick out my backpack. Eventually I got the backpack with Mulan on it and I thought I was the coolest kid ever. When I went to school the next day, the teachers and all my friends told me that my backpack was cute. The Mulan backpack was pink and had flowers on it. My mom told me it really suited me. When one of my guy friends said that he liked my backpack, his friends ridiculed him. His friends told him that princesses and pink were for girls and that he was a boy. The little boy started crying because his friends made fun of him. While his friends made of him, I was praised for having my brand new backpack.

Explanation: Since early age, we have been shaped by how society thinks about something. Gender roles are socially constructed. One can say that gender roles are nature, but sociologists believe that sex is nature while gender is socially constructed. Since people are categorized into a gender group, female or male, the gender norms of society ties into whom they are. My example is an example of gender role because it proved the society norms that girls and boys have different standards. Girls can like pink and princesses, but when a boy likes it they are thought to be the outcast. This is because society has built up certa...

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...ycheck that day. The motorcyclist took off with what had belonged to my cousin and left her with scars and pain.

Explanation: This is an example of street crime because it happened in public and on the streets. Although it was not gang related, it might have been poverty related. The motorcyclist took my cousin’s bag with the intention of finding money in the bag. This situation can be classified as street crime because it contains stealing. Street crime is something that happens regularly in Malaysia. This is because of the disadvantages the minority group has within the country. People turn to street crime to survive or for their own amusement. Most people in Malaysia turn to street crime because jobs are very competitive. Since the population is so big, many people do not have a job because of their qualifications. These people turn to street crimes to survive.

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