Gender Roles Of The Ibo Society Essay

Gender Roles Of The Ibo Society Essay

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Gender roles in the Ibo society shape the way that its men and women live and interact in their everyday lives. This essay will be comparing and contrasting the different roles of the male versus the female. All of Igbo life is gendered, from the crops that women and men grow to how many spouses a man can have. Depending on what sex you are you will be taught to act in a specific way.
The Ibo society gender roles can be considered as “traditional” men provide for his wife and children, and women pamper the children and take care of the home. For the males of the village physical achievement defines how much of man one is based on the importance of wrestling competitions. The importance of titles can is supported by this quote “The man who contradicted him had no titles. That was why he had called him a woman.” (Achebe,26). In the Igbo society, titles were directly connected with ones social class. A man with titles was located higher in the social class, while a man without any was located much lower in the social chain. So this quote was an insult to the man with no titles, since he had none he was just as good as a woman who also didn’t land so high in the Igbo social pyramid.
Women on the other hand show strength in a different way than the man does in Eumofia. A woman who accepts the responsibility of children, and can harvest women’s crops are considered strong. Woman were seen as below their men in some ways because most of them played the role of a housewife. This quote shows how men looked at females in Eumofia “No matter how prosperous a man was, if he was unable to rule his women and children (and especially his women)he was not really a man.” (Achebe,53)Through this quote you could see how subservient women are expecte...

... middle of paper ... are set and woman don’t get as much respect as a man does, all men know who they run to when they’re going through some kind of turmoil. The fact that woman is supreme shows the meaningless of the gender roles in the Igbo society. The quote also gives mothers of the Igbo society a better social status.
In conclusion, it could be said that the roles of the male and female in this text are similiar to the roles of men and women in our society. Woman take care of the children and the home while the men are protectors and providors of the family. In other ways we are the total opposite of the Umofian society; we don’t tolerate domestic abuse like they do. Unlike us the society of Eumofia is heavily differentiated by gender, woman can have only one husband while a man can have numerous wives. We see very strict gender roles in the Umofian society of Things Fall Apart.

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