Gender Roles Of Man And Woman Essay

Gender Roles Of Man And Woman Essay

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From the beginning of the human race the gender roles of man and woman appeared to be straightforward. Women, being able to procreate, were sought to as nurturers, while men were to protect and provide for their family. Throughout all cultures, practices and beliefs of individuals toward masculinity significantly vary. Masculinity or manliness associates with characteristics such as strength, bravery, handsomeness, and physique in a male. With the ongoing changes in human history, the term masculinity has greatly evolved. Our western views’ paint a clear image of how children should be raised according to their gender role, which leads to more and more of them falling victim to the stigma of societal pressures and stereotypes. For example, a daughter is “Daddy’s princess,” or a son would be considered the “tough guy.” Not all families abide by gender stereotypes, but generally speaking, there is a large understanding toward the role of male masculinity. The focus of this unit touches basis with the meaning of masculinity and how it has developed over time.
There has been much controversy over the fact that the term masculinity is determined by a reoccurring idea of nature vs. nurture. In the writing, “Trafficking in Men,” author Gutman states, “There are at least four distinct ways that anthropologists define and use the concept of masculinity and the related notions of male identity, man hood, manliness, and men’s roles.” Each of these characteristics coincides with one another and creates the image of what it is to be a “man”. How men think, act, size up, and interact with one another often define the level of masculinity. Yet the underlying fact still remains that all cultures around the world comprehend masculinity differen...

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...domestic violence, and sexual abuses are done by men. The information should not be shocking, they are only acting how men are normally portrayed in shows, movies, games, etc.
Though we can not escape the constant grasp media holds on our society, we can reevaluate the situation. In order for society to turn a new leaf and go against the outrageous stereotypes it is faced with in the everyday world, we as a whole must become more educated on the matter. “Education cannot "re-socialize" boys and men, in the sense of pressing them into a non-violent mould (to replace the violent mould). Rather, education can open up a diversity of pathways, and allow boys and men to use a broader spectrum of their capacities - emotional, communicative, and political. Education can show boys and men a variety of ways of being a man, and allow them to experience this diversity.”(UNESCO)

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