Gender Roles Of Doll And A Girl 's Gender Role Essay

Gender Roles Of Doll And A Girl 's Gender Role Essay

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The purpose of this study was to study young girl’s preferences when it comes to playing with Barbie’s or Baratz in relations to their gender role and its orientation (Karmiol, 2012). The research question for this study consisted of questioning the impact of choice in doll and a girl’s gender roles. The hypothesis for this study was that depending on the girl’s gender role orientation it could play a role on her choice in dolls due to if they were more so characterized as feminine, masculine or androgynous (Karmiol, 2012). Prior literature found dealing with this topic discusses the obvious feminine characteristics that are associated with dolls and playing with them. Surveys were also taken stating that young females preferred dolls to other toys. The literature also stated that there is a different approach when it comes to playing with baby dolls and dolls such as Barbie. When young girls played with baby dolls they adapted maternal characteristics as to when the young girls played with Barbie they were creating elaborate adventures and doing many more occupations (Karmiol, 2012). This article also highly discusses Bem’s model of gender role orientation. The main gap within this literature and other literature is that prior literature just talks about how girls like dolls over majority of other toys along with ages at which they like dolls, this study compares two different types of dolls and is focusing on depending on the girl’s characteristics which doll she may prefer.
When it comes to methods within this study the participants consisted of 60 girls in second to fifth grade whose ages ranged from seven to twelve (Karmiol, 2012). A questionnaire was then given to the girls which consisted of 20 ...

... middle of paper ...

...received certain dolls from their sisters (Karmiol, 2012). Due to the fact this study was one of the first of its kind there were not any statements made about future studies dealing with this other than the very end statement saying that children do play a role in the gendered world and help inforce it because of what they prefer to play with.
This article was slightly helpful in the fact it does discuss how children and their choice in toys help create a gender role culture. The more helpful information was the early stated literature discussing how girls played differently with baby dolls than they did with Barbie’s or Baratz. The literature stated they take a more maternal approach with baby dolls than Barbie’s which is similar to what I read in the text when it comes to developing emotions, social behaviors and certain schemas through make-believe play.

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