Essay on Gender Roles : Mulan 's Mulan

Essay on Gender Roles : Mulan 's Mulan

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The Different Gender Roles in the Film Mulan
Mulan is a film that illustrates the Chinese legend “Hua Mulan” which tales the story of a legendary women warrior. This legend is based in China’s traditional culture values. The alternation of gender roles was considerate a violation of those values; thus, whoever presents that behavior would be killed as a punishment. The main character, Mulan, represents women with a modern personality that shows masculinity. The fact that Mulan tried to perform a male’s actions is very significant due to the historical context, which illustrates the different roles between men and women. The film Mulan shows that women should follow gender stereotypes and play their respective role. It also shows the learning of gender identity and its significance; Gender inequality is also represented in the film.
According to the film, women shall follow gender stereotypes and roles. Mulan represents a goofy personality with a free spirit who marked a difference within the other women on her community; women were expected to be modest, elegant, and quiet in order to become the perfect daughter. This is a clean example of how nowadays everybody is expected to follow stereotypes built by our society which defines whether a positive or negative behavior is. If a person does not follow this gender role, it will generate certain consequences. In Mulan’s case, she was not accepted by the community and her family was worry about her tomboyish behavior; also, her father constantly prayed for her to impress the community and find a partner. When Mulan performed the “Matchmaking” session which consist in several etiquette tasks to prove that she is ready to be married, she was mostly pressure by the idea of dishonorin...

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...f the most eminent aspects the showed how women and men were differenced. When compared to nowadays, we can find some similarity such as how a person can learn a stereotype just to fulfill someone else’s desire. In addition, we can see how gender identity can be learned despite their gender. Inequality is an issue that still presented in our society, but it is slowly improving. According to Mulan, women were not allowed to give their opinion, but today women are free to speak for themselves. Also, they are free to raise their own family, and act by their own will. In the other hand, men have become less oppressive and had opened their mind to such issues. Thanks to Mulan’s acts throughout the movie, we can see how all those stereotypes, gender identity, and inequality can be fought. As she proved at the end of the movie that women can perform the same tasks as men.

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