Gender Roles in Today’s Media: Deconstructing Barbie Disproportion Essay examples

Gender Roles in Today’s Media: Deconstructing Barbie Disproportion Essay examples

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For my final media report I chose to talk about the identity between men and women in today’s media; specifically African Americans. I have chosen to speak directly on how women are exploited in advertisements and the music industry itself and how men are looked at as the ones who hold power. My questions for my research that I wanted to further answer were what does the actual woman look like in the eyes of the media? Does this affect women in the real world? Why is it that the smallest things have the biggest impact? In doing my research I reviewed several articles that were assigned for our class assignments two dealing with body image called “Deconstructing Barbie Disproportion” another “Adios Barbie” and lastly a video by Laurie Anderson. Just by taking a look at these three items it made me realize that there was some truth held within that says media plays a major role in the way most women see themselves and a lot of women tend to accept the fact how they are portrayed because money is involved and men are thinking this is ok.
As I mentioned in the previous paragraph I looked at two articles that were based on ones body image, although Adios Barbie was more directed toward getting people to view themselves different and to educate people that the media’s image is not the right image. The other article was about how the author created a Barbie that looked more realistic to teenage girls and how the well-known Barbie gave off false representation because not every teenage girl is skinny with long blonde hair. In this article the artist just wanted to show that not every girl is a Barbie and everyone does come in different shape and sizes and in doing so he wanted to paint a more realistic body image for girls. These two a...

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...different sizes and shapes so women should accept that.
Dixon, T., Zhang, Y., & Conrad, K. (2009). Self esteem misogyny and afrocentricity: An examination of the relationship between rap music consumption and African American perceptions. Group Process and Intergroup Relations,
The purpose of this article was to focus more on rap music and the affects it has on women. This article also touched base on research done by the following authors.
Kistler, M. E., & Lee, M. J. (2010). Does exposure to sexual hip-hop music videos influence the sexual attitudes of college students? Mass Communication and Society
Another article done based on research to see does the rap industry and its music have an effect on atti
Moody, M. (2011). The meaning of “Independent Woman” in music. ETC: A Review of General Semantics. Retrieved from
Webbie “Independent”

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