Gender Roles in Corporate Boards Essay

Gender Roles in Corporate Boards Essay

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Corporate boards do better when they include the best people who come from a wide range of various perspectives and backgrounds.
The boardroom is where strategic decisions are made, governance applied and risk overseen. It is therefore essential that boards are made up of competent highly qualify people when put together offers a mix of skills, experiences and backgrounds. Therefore, the question will propose here question do men do better on corporate boards then women simply because they are male? Research does not support that assumption. In fact, researches have said that board appointments must always be made on merit and not based on that of gender distinction, with the best qualified person getting the job. However, given the testimonials of how women have achieved the highest level of qualifications and leadership positions in many walks of life, the fact remains that there exist an under representation of women on corporate boards. Thus, raising the questions about incorporates that of skills, experience and performance.
Therefore, government and businesses can undertake a review of their recruitment process by looking at the current situation, identify barriers and then set out to make recommendation to discuss this imbalance thus achieving an increase the number of women on corporate boards in the United Kingdom.
Women on boards -why does it matter?
The argument here is that of improving business performance while concerning promoting that of equal opportunities for women. There exists a strong business argument for balanced boards. The expectation of board is one of comprehensive and diverse to better able to understand their customers and stakeholders needs and can benefit from new perspectives and ideas, vigorous c...

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