Gender Roles : How We Practice Socialization Essay

Gender Roles : How We Practice Socialization Essay

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Socialization refers to being placed into a certain group based on how you act, behave, and express yourself to the world. We learn cultural norms and associate set people into certain groups based on our observations. Media, family, friends, and school mold us to think a distinct way. It is about being seen by others a certain way that causes them to associate you into a bracket. Whether it is online or in person, we automatically have something to point out about someone. We see others and immediately have something to say or think about them whether it is good or bad or somewhere in between. Gender roles demonstrate how we practice socialization.
A clear-cut example of this is when a man wears pink. Pink has been associated to be very feminine and usually the color that signifies girly things. Your first thought might be something along the lines of him having feminine characteristics, or even as far as to assume that he’s gay because he wears a pink shirt. You classified this man simply because he wore a pink shirt.
Furthermore, with socialization we become accustomed to certain norms because we identify with these groups. For me the group I am customary with is the gay community. To society it is seen as small and “different.” While this is far from true, those who don’t relate to these groups can only assume or generalize based on their observations. To people who come to learn of my sexuality, they then create certain assumptions from previous people they’ve encountered, or from things they’ve seen in the media. One common assumption is that all homosexual men are extremely feminine, or dramatic. This almost caricaturistic view even causes some homosexual men to behave the way society sees them so that they can be noticed...

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... am conflicted at times whether to behave the way society sees me or as I know myself to see me. Our close friends and family are the ones who train us to behave certain ways. We can have a very clear understanding of a group of people, or we can have a stereotyped view that we create in our minds, such as our image of “white girls.” Socialization is how we come to learn to follow cultural norms and specific behaviors. Throughout our lives we are constantly practicing socialization, and the internet makes it easier to place people within certain brackets. Society has placed explicit labels on different groups or cultures. The people that belong to these groups and these cultures are well aware of their label, and often times have to live up to it because society pretty much forces them to. For me, I sometimes have to make the choice to be a stereotype, or be myself.

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