Gender Roles, Gender, And Culture Essays

Gender Roles, Gender, And Culture Essays

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II. The three topic that I enjoyed learning is gender roles, gender stratification and Culture. One of the tree topics that I enjoyed learning is gender, from my notes gender is defined as the social characteristics involved the construction of masculine and femininity. I like concept of gender because it plays a major role in society. Specifically, gender played a role growing up. I never felt like I was limited to do anything and being a triplet, with two boys I even felt more powerful and smarter than them. I didn’t feel no different because of my gender. However, as I grew up, there was this defining moment of how gender was interplayed in cleaning and in other roles. My dad told my older sister and I to at least clean the spider webs in the restroom. I felt really hurt because I thought about how come he is asking us to do the cleaning and not the boys and he never told us to clean before, why now? As I was in High School I started to voice the gender differences in my household. The boys had to take some responsibility for their messiness. My parents come from traditional roles where the men bring the money and the wife stays at home, cooks, cleans, takes care of the children so this gender difference has improved in my household. I would see my mom cut the grass outside and help my dad with the trims of the trees. And my father has been doing more of the cleaning inside the house especially washing the dishes. So I have seen a change, but the traditional gender roles are still there. The reason we have come to understand that we should all take care of the house, is because my sister and I have questioned my parents parenting style. In sharing our point of views of one gender doing a specific chore because of one’s sex is...

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...n regards to seeing a lot of couples, it didn’t seem to look like there was same sex couples. I just wonder if I had watch the same movie at a later time like in the evening or night would the age, ethnicity, and gender change? There so many factors when it comes to analyzing an event. However, it was interesting to see the groups of people, because it was different than what I had expected.
IV. Well the course hasn’t ended and If I am only grading this solemnly on myself, I put in a good amount of effort. I participated in class, went to class, tried my best in my tests. I think overall if I would assign myself an A, I think I deserve it and it is probably going to show through my grades. However, I think maybe I could contribute more in class participation, I think in order to participate I need to understand why it contributes to our understanding of material.

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