Essay on Gender Roles Are Influenced By And Involved With Other People

Essay on Gender Roles Are Influenced By And Involved With Other People

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Individuals are profoundly influenced by and involved with other people. Socialization makes people adjust and learn to transform their behavior, thoughts, feelings, and attitudes according to the ideals of their culture and society. Through this, gender roles are learned and developed. Gender Roles greatly influence how we think and how we behave. Traditionally men could be stereotyped as strong and dominant, whereas females are passive. These stereotypes drawback and discriminate both men and women in the workplace, at home, and in society all together. Creating bias and prejudices options on either of the sexes. Wanting to fit in, people adapt and learn to modify their behavior, thoughts, feelings, and attitudes to fit in to their culture (Miller). Gender stereotypes have had an effect on the way both males and females live.
A big place gender stereotyping is in the workplace. Males are believed to be the provider of the family. They are lawyers, doctors, or scientist. Most of these have to have a STEM education, or an education in science, technology, engineering, or math. While women take the careers involving caregiving. They are stay-at-home moms or nurses. Why is this? Mary Murphy, Stanford University psychologist, found that women are less likely to participate in a science and engineering setting when they are outnumbered by men. The socialization girls are taught is the biggest reason women veer away from the male-dominated field. They are directly and indirectly taught to steer clear of studies and jobs typically pursued by boys and men. If they do pursue these jobs they are looked at differently. They are depicted as manly or a “tomboy.” Additionally, there has been an unconscious bias at universities where evalua...

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...nd have authority. They also get shown as “idiots,” having to rely on the women for everything. The image of beer sex and sports gets stuck onto males. Negative stereotyping of men is not nearly as common in the media as it is a positive. However, if someone goes out of these stereotypes, they get judged and criticized for it (Gender Roles). Men do get stereotyped in the media, however, just not as negatively as females.
Gender stereotyping has influenced the way everyone lives his or her lives. They conform their behavior, thoughts, feelings, and attitudes to fit these general stereotypes. Individuals have learned and developed from what is considered okay for their gender. Wanting to fit in, people don’t stray away from these norms, fearing what others might think of them. Men and women are both stereotyped, however women are more negatively stereotyped than men.

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