Gender Roles And Society Based Rules Essay examples

Gender Roles And Society Based Rules Essay examples

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A father and his wife are shopping in a local toy store looking for new toys to give to their son and daughter to play with. They immediately come across a masculine action figure and a more feminine doll. Without thinking they instinctively choose the doll for their daughter and the action figure for their son. This may seem like a harmless, normal situation. But, in reality, this decision displays the parent’s feelings and expectations for their children early on. As more and more children are brought into the world, parents are given the responsibility of making sure they mature and grow up correctly. To meet this requirement, many parents raise their children based off of standards defined by gender .There is a controversy surrounding gender roles and equality that has lasted throughout time and still persists today. This problem has transferred over to parents everywhere while raising their children. The gender roles and society based rules we live in have made a huge impact on how parents think about their children; expectation wise and what they hope for them to develop into. Many children in this generation and previous ones are victims of gender generalization. This “generalization” is not only dictated by the society that deems it acceptable, but our parental figures that support this idea. This not only leads parents to develop separate expectations for their sons and daughters, but also different hopes as well.
Even though a mother and father’s feelings may be separate from each other, they still manage to stay constant when dealing with their children. What that means is that a mother may want this or that for her child while the father might have opposing views on that subject. But, in the end, they both want the sa...

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Having been previously stated, many children in this generation and previous ones are victims of a form of “gender generalization.” This generalization is caused by our society’s views on things and how our parents respond to them. Both the mother and the father play big roles in this process. The mother more often influences the daughter, exposing her to more recreational activities, emotional support, and manner-like behavior. The father, dealing with the son, handles him with athletics, masculinity, and an overall bashful method. The future of our society may continue to practice this method of gender roles, but it will progressively decrease over the years. Despite what most people say, even though it is not necessarily a good thing, differing expectations and hopes for different genders are more than often exhibited within parents in our society today.

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