Gender Roles And Its Effect On Children Essay

Gender Roles And Its Effect On Children Essay

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When we see young girls we tend to think of them as princesses, and when we see young boys we tend to think of them as rough and tumbled. Parents and society contribute to these gender related messages that are carried on throughout children’s lives. Even in the twenty first century, parents and society have different expectations for children based on their sex. And why shouldn’t they, boys and girls are emotionally different. Gender roles have been passed on through generations, and will most likely continue to do so.
First, no one can rebuff that when parents see their baby girl for the first time they see pink, and when they see their baby boy for the first time they see blue. Pink and blue have become the universal colors to differentiate boys from girls. From the moment that you take your first breathe; your parents inundate you with discriminatory information because the gender roles have been passed down from generation to generation, and thus, parents relate to their pink daughters and blue sons differently. According to phycologist Crissy Duff, Duff points out “that from the moment children are born, they are bombarded with gender-related messages. Toys, clothes, and observations around the house-dad takes out the garbage, mom loads the dishwasher-all feed into what they think is expected of them” (Futterman1). Even parents may not have a preference when it comes to wanting a boy or girl, they still most likely believe that their daughters and sons should be raised differently; it is just an inherited trait. Laurie Futterman, a writer for the Miami Herald, argues that “there are long-lasting and serious repercussions of gender-based parenting. Boys often grow up thinking that they somehow deserve more freedom than wome...

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... cycles and even out the differences in how the sexes behave and think about themselves.” (Futterman 2). Without a doubt, parents and society should teach boys and girls that both have equal rights but that does not diminish the fact that boys and girls are physically and emotionally different and should be treated according to the gender.
I can’t think of a society where boys and girls are raised as if they were the same, and why should they because they are not. However one choses to believe how humans came into existence; whether it was because of Adam and Eve or the evolution of an ape, there always was a male and female figure and those gender roles have been passed down from history. Parents and society should always continue to differentiate between boys and girls not just because they physically look different but because they are mentally different as well.

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