Gender Roles And Gender Socialization Essay

Gender Roles And Gender Socialization Essay

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Many will agree that there are gender norms, yet where the disagreement might come about is when it is appropriate to break the social norm as society continues to change. I grew up with the stereotypical white middle class norm, where the mother stayed home and the father worked, however I broke that norm early on in my adult life. Looking back at how I grew up, it wasn’t until I was reading all the material on gender roles and gender socialization, that I realized I was surrounded by social norms my entire childhood, and how it plays such a role on my own personal bias’ as well as how it has impacted me in the upbringing of my children.
I grew up in a family where in all generations before mine, there was no divorce, the father worked and the mother stayed home. Being the youngest of four girls, I quickly caught on to wearing pink or purple matching outfits and playing dolls was just what girls do. We joined clubs such as girl scouts and did bible study and had tea parties. Making the cheer squad was probably one of my proudest moments at the age of 12. I’m not even sure if I had a chance at that time to even know anything different. When I started this class it was quickly brought to my attention how naïve and completely unaware I was when it came to race, class, and gender bias’.
When I was 21, I had already had both of my children, yet what I never expected having grown up in what most would consider a perfect home, was that my husband would leave me. I was so afraid of what people would think, that at one time I even considered renting a house, and not telling anyone, after all we lived 12 hours away. I came to my senses and did move back home. As anticipated, there was judgment and everyone had an opinion. I set out to do w...

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...e, “Girls without Class” It really was eye opening to See that its more about culture a way of life then simply how we wear our makeup. It made me admire that the Latinos, in the fact that they don’t hide behind their actions, and they own who they are. On the other hand, I was saddened by the way the school system did them an injustice by not pushing them to their full potential, and allowing them to be so complacent with their destiny. Where some may look at the prep girls as being discrete, others can also look at is as deceitful. There is a fine line of being a lady and doing what is appropriate, I believe in a softer more natural look, and not apply makeup in public, and there is a certain level of etiquette we as ladies uphold, yet how can we judge a certain class for being promiscuous, if we as a white middle class are doing the same thing, however hiding it.

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