Gender Roles And Gender Role

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The statement that I believe to more of an assumption made by gender role researchers rather than an inference or an observation is the statement “Gender-role stereotypes are more harmful to females than to males”. The reason this is more of an assumption rather than an inference is because data shows that gender role stereotypes can be harmful to both boys and girls. For example, observers have noticed and expressed the ways schools and teacher have biases both against boys and girls such as boys being more likely to be criticized by their teachers than girls and school personnel stereotyping boy’s behavior as problematic (qtd. In Santrock 170). Some biases against girls include the fact that boys and girls enter the 1st grade with around equal levels of self-esteem but by the middle school years’ girls’ self-esteem is lower than boys’, as well as boys getting more attention than girls by the teachers in class (qtd. In Santrock 170). Santrock explains other gender role stereotypes such as men being good with numbers while women are good with words, while women are emotional men a...

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