Gender Roles : A Distinct Gendered Division Of Labor Essay

Gender Roles : A Distinct Gendered Division Of Labor Essay

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Gender roles are based on the different expectations that individuals, groups, and societies, have on individuals based on their sex and based on each society 's values and beliefs about gender (Blackstone, 2003, p. 335). The differences in gender roles have always been a major discussion within society. From premodern times, where women had distinct roles in providing care for the kids, the house and their husbands up until modern times when the woman movement was held allowing women to get educated, work in the workforce, take care of themselves and their families. While both genders are able to work in the workforce today, they are also expected to perform unpaid duties around the house; also called the second shift. While interviewing my parents I found very interesting inequalities between the two which appears to not only affect their relationship, but their children’s relationship as well.
At home there is a distinct gendered division of labor. My mother begins her day at 6:15am every morning cooking breakfast and cleaning up the kitchen after performing those duties she goes and clean up the bathroom. My father doesn’t wake up until around 8:00am and doesn’t begin doing any household chores, if any that day. My mom also goes work while my father is retired, you would think more would be getting accomplished around the house when she not there, but he tends to not do too much laboring. My mom is expected to come home and cook dinner, do laundry, clean up the kitchen every day. While my father is mainly responsible for taking out trash and taking down the dirty clothes. Some of the reasons behind how the household is run is because both of their parents instilled in them who does what around the house, so the beliefs they h...

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...e actually have a lot of time to herself and is able to think clearly. I noticed that my father is often times by himself during the day. There is no need for arguing when they barely see each other as it is. The possible solutions will help them to enjoy the rest of their life together and help the children become less dependent on them by actually taking over all the task eventually.
In conclusion, the division of labor in the household tend to agree with recent studies showing men tend to participate in more instrumental task while women tend to the daily needs of their families. While these gender roles do create tension, because of my mom’s belief that she does more task and task are unequal within the household possible solutions of having everyone else including children pitch in their help could alleviate the tension and create bonds between family members.

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