Gender Representation Of Female Audiences Essay

Gender Representation Of Female Audiences Essay

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In the United States, gender has always been a dichotomous, discriminatory system. The men are privileged and the women oppressed. The media, especially film and television, reflect this. From a purely quantitative standpoint, women are perpetually underrepresented. For the qualitative, men receive complex story lines where explanations are given for all behaviors, negative and positive, and women are lucky to receive story lines. Of the women who are in film and television, they usually serve as a sexual object to supposedly attract audiences or as side characters designed to further the character development of a male protagonist. This lack of diversity harmfully affects female audiences and to lesser extent, male audiences. Female audiences suffer from cognitive impairments and increased rates of anxiety and body dissatisfaction due, in part, to the rampant sexualization in the media. This continues to generate audiences who are critical analyzers of the very media they consume. They evaluate the media for its representation of gender, and if the representation is unbalanced or found wanting, they create their own media based on the films and television they watch to increase the diversity of females.
Women are a slight majority, 50.8% of the population, in the United States (US Census). With this slight majority, one would assume that in a representative society, women would appear in various films and television shows at equal rates to men. Yet in released films rated G, PG, and PG-13 between September 5th, 2006 and September 5th, 2009 “2.42 males are depicted to every 1 female” (Smith and Choueiti 2). This is a persistent trend in nearly all categories when comparing women and men. Of all G-rated and “100 of t...

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... are not flawless, but they do weed out Hollywood 's over uses of women as sexy, mobile props. In addition, the tests evaluate if the films and TV include women only to pander to feminists ' desire for gender equality.
These communities are not a fringe part of society dependent on modifying mainstream media as evident by the Riot Grrrls. The movement sustained itself “by creating the music, magazines, and other creative products they consume” (Kearney 68). They resist the dominant media by producing their own. Then this media “[encouraged] female youth to create other forms of cultural expression, including film” (77). The Riot Grrrl movement proves that female audiences do in fact support being portrayed as fully complex human beings and do not need to constantly see impossible to imitate role models whose physical perfection cannot be achieved by anyone.

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