Gender, Race, and Equality Essay

Gender, Race, and Equality Essay

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I still remember that we receive a note during the first Women’s Studies class asking us what is your social location. At that time, it kept me thinking. Does it matter? Aren’t we all human? Why are we differentiated from those social locations such as Sexuality, Family Situation, Relationship status, Age, Class, Major, Birthplace as well as Year in school? Without understanding them, I gave my answers respectively. Straight, away from family, single, 23, high middle class, economics, Malaysia and senior year was my answer. It then kept me thinking as I heard from the rest of the class and I realize that we are the same yet we are not. Today, the answer was clear before me. I had learned a lot throughout the semester. Throughout this semester, I have made progress not only on my knowledge based on reading as well as experience from others but as a man, I am starting to see the reason why women are treated as more feminine characters.
I used to think that women are meant to be protected and are supposed to stay at home doing chores while the men are supposed to go out and look for work. Women are not meant for high qualification jobs such as doctors and they do not have to be highly educated. Not only that, I used to think that men are a more dominant characters and would have more ‘power’ over women but I am wrong. Towards the end of the semester, my opinion towards the women changed. I still think that they are meant to be protected but they are not supposed to stay at home doing house works. They are entitled to high qualification jobs because men and women are equals. There is not much of a difference between us.
In the short movie “The Pill” that we watch in class, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the sale of...

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