Gender Perceptions And Women Are Demeaned And Vilified For Promiscuous Sexual Behavior

Gender Perceptions And Women Are Demeaned And Vilified For Promiscuous Sexual Behavior

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My topic mostly focuses on gender perceptions and why women are demeaned and vilified for promiscuous sexual behavior, yet men who display the same characteristics are seen as praiseworthy and worthy of emulation. My primary question was what was their opinion on men and women who engaged in casual sex, hookups, or who frequently changed partners. These questions were asked in different order in order to avoid ‘normalized’ answers. When I performed interviewed people I also questioned them on where they believed they gained these opinions, conceptions, and perspectives.
I also was curious as to what their interactions with people who engage in promiscuous sexual activities. Such as seeking if they connected with people who acted like that. Another thing that I sought to know was what they thought those who were engaging in promiscuous activities thought of themselves. Lastly, I wondered whether they were envious or wished to become like some of those promiscuous people.
I feel that this question is both a health issue as well as a something that affects certain aspects of our social interaction. I feel that it is important to differentiate the historical assumptions of sexual health from current conceptions in order to see whether we have had any progression in terms of male/female societal expectations and relations. This discussion is made in order to contrast male and female social constructs; as well as the gender roles assigned to men and women.
I chose this topic due to the fact that the majority of the articles detailing societal constructs of men and women where men were promiscuous particularly detailed activities in sub-Saharan Africa and I thought that it would be worth noting how the interaction between the sexes ...

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...d stigma of promiscuous women existing and ignoring the alpha-male competition of gaining the most sexual partners; women are actually more at risk when it comes to illicit behavior due to the risk of pregnancy as well as the higher risk of contracting STD’s.
I found it surprising that very few of the males that I interviewed even mentioned the risk of contracting disease or were worried about accidental conception. They also generally didn’t see the act of sex as a matter of power, and felt that it was rather an emotional action, or even a social function. Although converse to what was normally described in the classroom, most of the men that I interviewed were not against interacting with women who engaged in promiscuous behavior. Instead, they were worried with how women in these situations perceived themselves and how that may affect them on a psychological level.

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