Gender Norms And Stereotypes Have Never Helped Anyone Essay

Gender Norms And Stereotypes Have Never Helped Anyone Essay

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Gender norms and stereotypes have never helped anyone. In As You Like It, Shakespeare works to show that women are strong, sometimes just like a male, and have no problem sticking together and helping others. Rosalind is our main heroine who shows the other characters how a woman can truly embrace her masculine traits and become a confident but lovable character at once. Today there are still issues with the belief that a woman can only be completely feminine and a male is only masculine, however, there has never been a rule made that that is the way it is. As You Like It explores the realm of gender roles that Shakespeare shows are not so clear cut, and women, like how Rosalind found herself, need to embrace every aspect to them and not be silenced.
As You Like It was not just written to entertain the masses through the numerous romances that develop between so many of the characters, but was a rally for women’s rights and the belief that women were not all naturally docile. Shakespeare recognized that many women had no voice in his day. By societal means it was completely normal for the woman to nod and keep her true feelings inside because she had no right to be any other way. Before Rosalind is banished, Celia speaks of the typical housewife or female that would be met during these times, “’Tis true, for those that she makes fair, she scarce makes honest, and those that she makes honest, she makes very ill-favoredly” (1.2. 36-38). Celia claims through this quote that women who are fair are not honest or very expressive, but it can be claimed in reverse as well. The women in that society are considered beautiful if they are reserved and obedient. However, Rosalind breaks this belief at every turn, and based on her actions Shak...

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...ot get married, she does not have to. The struggle is still real and still alive in our society today, and slowly but surely enough we are breaking down the molds that we have tried to fit ourselves in.
There is no rulebook that humans were given at any time throughout history that tells us how we should act. It is hard for girls or women to embrace the rougher side and softer side without having society breathing down their necks. In As You Like It, Rosalind embraces the time she had with her masculine side and she is happier knowing that it is there and she can use it whenever she likes. Back then and today people try to put everyone they see into boxes, but the best way is to be free with one’s ambition and dreams and to not hold back. Women now and during Shakespeare’s time have opinions, and in some ways can even teach men a thing or two when it comes to loving.

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