Essay on Gender Norms And Expectations By Judith Lorber

Essay on Gender Norms And Expectations By Judith Lorber

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Judith Lorber argues that: “- once gender is ascribed, the social order constructs and holds individuals to strongly gendered norms and expectations” (323 Lorber). My gender from day one was predetermined for me. When I was growing up there was no choice, I was a girl and I needed to act like one. My mother put me in in little pink and purple dresses with little yellow shoes and I was not to complain. Emphasized femininity was enforced strictly in my household. We were four sisters with no brothers, so there was never a reason to argue against it because we that was all we know. In my home, at my school, and in my church the same philosophy was upheld. Girls were different from boys, there were no overlaps and definitely no exceptions.
I was raised in a Christian household, I went to a Christian school, my parents were active in the church. When going to church my mother would dress me in my Sunday best: the white and yellow dress and the white ruffle socks with the matching shoes. I never wore pants to church because that was not acceptable. In my Baptist church all the little girls wore dresses and the little boys wore dress shirts and slacks. The reasoning behind this was never explained to me nor do I know the reason today. It was an unspoken rule that everyone just followed. Rules like these are known as societal norms. These social norms vary from location to location but in America the norm is geared to heterosexual men and women. The standard entails that a woman is supposed to be weak, soft spoken, great care takers, and home makers. These norms were instilled in me in almost every way possible.
When I watched television as a kid I remember never seeing mother that was not in the household. Mom’s did the housework, the ...

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...use I was born a female and I have learned and believe that I am I female, it is my job to protect my gender identity with my life. Yes, my gender was socialized for me as a child but I do not think I should have had the option to be anything else. To me, being anything else is not an option. I was born female and that is the way God intended it to be. My religion tells me that God makes no mistakes and everything is for a reason. So why would I question my gender? To question my gender is to question my religion, my family, and myself. Honestly I feel that I have enough on my plate against me already. I have to deal with the issues of being a woman. I have to deal with the stigma of being a black woman; and on top of that I am also a Christian. I have a role to play and a persona to keep and challenging my gender identity is not another burden I am willing to bear.

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