Gender Norms Affect Behavior And Personality Essay

Gender Norms Affect Behavior And Personality Essay

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Gender plays a big role in who you are, and can sometimes be easily overlooked when it comes to their culture. Gender norms can influence personalities by highlighting different traits between different genders. This is the same way that cultural norms may influence behavior and personality. Gender for me will play a big role into my career because, I was told by multiple students that I have worked with in elementary schools that there are not many male teachers in their school. As an educator I find it important that if there are diverse students in a school, it is important to implement a diverse set of teachers, not only by ethnicity and culture, but by gender. In most of the elementary schools I have visited here in Washington and back home in Hawaii, Females seem to dominate this profession. So being a Male may have an impact in the way my students view me or communicate with me.
One thing that I have noticed after reading Banks text, and participating at elementary schools for a variety of classes is that there are a variety of separation between students and who participates, depending on the subject boys seems to be participating more than girls and vice-versa. Banks discusses this in his Gender section of his text. Bank’s mentions “While enrollment in many math and science courses has dramatically increased, the connection between girls and science and math remains tenuous (James & Cherry A. Banks, pg. 111).” Banks also mentions a survey taken by the Society of Engineers that found 75 percent of American girls having no interest in pursuing a career in science, math, or technology (James & Cherry A. banks, pg. 111). The reason behind this is that women see these subjects as cold, impersonal, and with little application ...

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...when teaching diverse students, for example examining my attitude, the assignments and attitudes that I will give my students, and my ability to create an equal and comfortable learning environment for all my students. I still do not feel that I am completely ready to create a classroom with diverse students. I need practice and to experience implementing this form of education into the classroom. Honestly, I never saw how challenging it could be to create such an environment as a teacher, all students have different cultures and perspectives and being able to create a learning environment where they will all be comfortable learning and learn about these different lenses will be the most challenging. Overall I am not confident, but I am willing to put my full effort into learning more about integrating multicultural education into the curriculum and in my classroom.

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