Essay on Gender Neutral Parenting Is A Method For Raising Children

Essay on Gender Neutral Parenting Is A Method For Raising Children

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Over the decades, a significant mark of the evolution of gender is the increasing social phenomenon in how society conceptualizes gender. Gender is a system of social practices for characterizing people as two different categories, femininity and masculinity and arranging social relations of inequality on the basis of that difference (Ridgeway & Correll 2004). Gender-neutral parenting (GNP) refers to raising children outside of the traditional stereotypes of girls and boys. It involves allowing children to explore their innate personalities and abilities rather than confining them into rigid gender roles that society has shaped. It can be argued that it is through socialization children discover how to operate in gendered structures, learn the repeated performances that constitutes gender (Butler 1990). This essay will argue that children should definitely be raised with gender, and address some key concepts and perspectives used in sociological analysis.

Gender-neutral parenting is a method for raising children, used by parents who have a passion to teach non-sexism and social justice to their children (Dumas 2014). It is rooted in a desire to maintain a child’s individuality and offer more outlets for self-exploration. For example, parents do not restrict their child, regardless of a boy or girl, to wear pink or blue, play with Barbie dolls or fire engines. Parents allow their child to freely explore what they are passionate about without attaching any labels. The concept of raising children with gender-neutral identities is considered feminist and extremely radical. Butler (1990) argues that gender is performative, arguing that the naturalness of gender is something that we do rather than something we are. Parents have the mo...

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...stay away from the norm. Children especially, will face additional unnecessary large pressure of figuring out their identity and individuality of who they are at such a young age, which may not be the wisest option for parents to raise a child. Raising children without gender, while is a bold and respectable move with regards to making a stand on gender equality and liberal feminism, comes along with many risks and unpredictability that parents must consider in their child’s life. Wanting to protect their child from the confinement of rigid sex roles gives births to a whole new list of problems as discussed above; social danger, possibility to homosexuality and the social connotations that comes with it, identity and behavior. Hence, this essay argues that children should be raised with gender with regards to the socialization of the individual and society at large.

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