Gender Masculinity And Its Effect On Women Essay

Gender Masculinity And Its Effect On Women Essay

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“Sit up, smile, keep those legs crossed, and remember you are a lady!”; these are examples of the common phrases a young girl is taught at childhood as her introduction to hegemonic femininity (Connell, n.d.). This introduction is paired with the media’s constant reminders to shoot for big breasts, small waists, curves, big hair , big smiles, charming eyes, long hair, and smooth skin with a nurturing, warm personality. Then there is the introduction to motherhood at a young age with the multitudes of toys that are set up kitchens accompanied by doll babies that are engineered to cry and mock an infant’s mannerisms (Allen, 2013). Hegemonic femininity can be defined as upholding the ideal standard of ultimate femininity held throughout body modification and subordination. It is the standard thats abides the preferences of men that restrict women on how they should feel, act, and additionally, how they need to look ; all to be considered a woman. Even if someone who was not born a woman but desires to become one has to follow the principles (Connell, n.d.).
Concerning body modification, women are suggested, to shave, wear cosmetics, and other components to the superficial surface to appease men. It is to the extreme extent of even being told what there are standards for the female genitals set by males. A woman is not allotted the privilege of simply aging due to the unattainable beauty standard of appearing ageless and youthful even after the menopause (Ford, 2013). Hegemonic femininity brings a strong sense of compliance to sexual desires of men, consequently women are not expected or respected for indulging in sexual endeavors themselves, but only to appease men (Connell, n.d.).
Granted the strength of the principles are to a...

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...aware of how transgender individuals are robbed of these (30 Examples of Cisgender Privilege, 2012).
Within the research one can conclude the effect gender does on society at different levels as well as the subordination that takes place for those who do not conform. Gender is visible from the way one speaks, positions their body, interacts and even in the status one holds in society. Whether it is intended or not, gender affects your role in life, what is available and the advantages genders hold over one another. The research provided a perspective on the influential levels on a concept highly ingrained from childhood to parenthood.Consequently it is almost absorb to image one’s personality without the enforcement of the gender expectations and norms, even one who chooses to not to conform to being cisgender meets a hegemonic standard (Schilt and Westbrook, 2009).

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