Essay about Gender Issues Between Males And Females

Essay about Gender Issues Between Males And Females

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As my paper began, I want to elaborate that both of my parents are African- Americans and a mixture of other things; however, I identify myself as African- American ,and although my mother does have descendent who are Native Americans, in particular my great-grandfather who was Native American. From my descendent some different languages that were taught that I speak now are English and very good broken English, and sometimes the very good broken English come to college with me and work.
In addition throughout history there has been controversy issue dealing with gender issues between males and females. And the topic of discussion is men being treated better than women. An example of this better treatment: A man goes into a certain job, such as politics, and treated with respect. However, if a woman goes into the same job, and be treated with less respect and as if she didn 't know what she was doing. Ideally, being a male in today’s society, of course I do not received this discrimination for my gender. However, I can understand the issues with women wanting to be treated equal.
Between the three theoretical perspectives: conflict theory, symbol theory, and function theory; I relate with the conflict theory. The conflict theory explains the social division amongst our society, and amongst our society we have the higher class and lower class. Relatively, social division originated for both groups to create automatic conflict of interest. Because of the conflict theory wouldn’t the simplest thing to do is rise workers- consciousness and awareness of different of oppression. According to the conflict theory those with more resources exercise negative power by the use of power struggle results. Ultimately power struggles can be inv...

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...ople with respect, and start to plan for my future. The choice I made for my future was easy to me at the time, I’ve decided to go to college, and go into the military afterwards. The final year of High School, I’ve applied to three colleges and got accepted to all three.
Ever heard the phrase “It’s not what you know, but who you know” well “The Citadel” is a college that required someone like me to gain network skills. I joined “The Citadel” to get a contract to become an officer in the military, but I never got the contract. Instead, I received a lot of unfair treatment for being the color I am, and then I realized things actually happen for reasons, plans sometimes don’t happen, and I could not predict the unpredictable. I learned from my previous mistakes, and knew next time when I get approached with an obstacle; I would strive harder and be able to conquer.

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